We’ve collected some of the lovely notes that our audiences and fans have shared with us about SHE KILLS MONSTERS. These comments were pulled from emails, our FACEBOOK PAGE, from TWITTER, from the GOLDSTAR EVENT PAGE and from GOOD OLD-FASIONED CONVERSATION.

If you want to read all the nice things PRESS has said,

Just got out of “She Kills Monsters” put on by @rorschachdc. Can anyone find my socks because they were blown off?

This is the last weekend to see “She Kills Monsters,” so do. I’ve never been more delighted or moved by theater, & I saw HEDWIG on BROADWAY.

This was easily the best show I’ve ever seen. The writing, acting, music, and humor were all exceptional and enjoyable. For current or former nerds and gamers, it provides an enjoyable and easily-relatable story. For those in their 30s or 40s, it provides a humorous romp through 1990’s music and references. As both, I couldn’t be more pleased. The hex-map stage was amazing, and the theater-in-the-round experience was very well done.

We saw @rorschachdc SHE KILLS MONSTERS today and loved it. One of us just might have a dwarven warrior in her past…

This. Never have I rocked out so much watching a play. Go see Rorschach Theatre’s She Kills Monsters. Yes, the story expertly weaves around a D&D game and it’s got great acting and awesome fight choreography, but it’s also got a soundtrack that makes you pine for the 90s. Just ask my pal who could hardly stay in her seat.

SKM Dress-21It is a heartfelt display of intellectual badassery. The characters were human without falling into the chasm of cliche.

SHE KILLS MONSTERS is awesome. I loved it and so did my party of level 25 D&D experts. #skm @rorschachdc

Maaan, I had a really good time last night at Rorschach Theatre’s She Kills Monsters. The design is beautiful, the music is EXCELLENT, the adventure is epic, and the laughs are NUMEROUS. Whether you’re a fan of D&D, or just enjoy a good on-stage adventure, go check it out. There’s a little somethin’ there for everybody!

Randy Baker, Deb Sivigny and the whole team put together what is possibly one of the best shows I’ve seen all year. I’m a theatre curmudgeon, and I’m very critical of the shows that I watch. This show had me guffawing, in tears, shrieking, cheering, howling, and more. Bobby Pike’s performance is brilliant; his timing is impeccable and watching him fight wielding a pair of shields is downright sexy. Rebecca Hausman balances bad-ass and vulnerable so well, that even as a Paladin, in an imaginary land, she’s so real and so human. Emily Kester is an absolute badass. Joshua Dick is not only hilarious, but sooooo creepy. I could go on and on and on! The soundtrack has been playing through my head all day today, and the set design, the costumes, the FULL ARMORY of weapons, everything. This show is amazing.

That show was humbling, so much love, such lack of pretense. Joyous and generous, a gift. Thank you.

And we’ll need a few more pages I suspect to properly share how sick and smart and savvy and sassy and sensitive the costume design was. Deb Sivigny, I want to crawl inside your brain and have drinks with your imagination. So much to love!

I was unfit for social interaction afterwards. The issue of siblings not knowing each other destroyed me. And me and all the nerds standing at the end lifted my heart. I’m a hot mess. Thanks.

Really not what I was expecting at all. The play was at times funny, goofy, and moving. The set was fantastic as were the costumes, the fight and dance choreography, etc. the actors were amazing. Agnes, you are my hero! Run to see this!

Amazing production, funny and emotional. Nostalgia and humor collide. Even if you are way too young to remember this time – it is still very funny. The dance battle is not to be missed and you will want to participate.

She Kills Monsters is both hilariously badass and wonderfully touching, never talking down to its audience but allowing them to see that sometimes an imaginary journey can be just what’s needed to heal someone.

She Kills Monsters done by @rorschachdc was delightful. Hit me in the feelings & well-staged. Awkward teenage confusion & geekish goodness.

 What a wonderful show! It’s imaginative, well directed, beautifully designed and performed. The fight choreography is amazing and the sound design is … well, close to brilliant. You MUST see this show. It’s 100 non-stop minutes of reality-bending fun. 

Had an awesome time at She Kills Monsters with @rorschachdc last night! Favorite part was definitely the kick-ass forest fairy.

So happy that all the friends that I introduced to @rorschachdc today via “She Kills Monsters” loved the show. Yay #90sDanceOff!

@rorschachdc #shekillsmonsters stole my soul last night, and it was awesome

“Thank you for validating my existence” – Audience member to actor Robert Pike