THE ELECTRIC BABY / Photo: C. Stanley PhotographyOur audiences always have a lot to say.  We’ve collected some of their thoughts about The Electric Baby. These comments were pulled from emails, our FACEBOOK PAGE, from TWITTER, from the GOLDSTAR EVENT PAGE and from GOOD OLD-FASIONED CONVERSATION.

If you want to read all the nice things PRESS has said,

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Beautiful performances, beautiful design, and a script that gently shines on our grief and our joy…like the moon.

ELECTRIC BABY @rorschachdc is magnetic, charged, voltaic, and no I didn’t just look up synonyms for “electrifying.” Go see it. #dctheatre

Rorschach Theatre’s The Electric Baby!!! I laughed and cried. Very moving story, beautifully put together. Uhh I’m not really good at describing things, but see it if you can!

The play was so good. So sad. So funny. So moving. I’m not sure any other theatre in town puts out such consistently awesome work.

Many, many congratulations to the cast of Rorschach Theatre’s The Electric Baby Devastating and funny and memorable. And there’s one more weekend!

THE ELECTRIC BABY / Photo: C. Stanley PhotographyRorschach Theatre is putting up a show that has all the classic elements of what people have grown to love about them. Brilliant storytelling, philosophical exploration, and pure theatre magic. It’s powerful and gut punching. If you can get your butts out to Atlas to check out this one.

I can’t remember the last time I cried that much minutes after laughing so hard.

It is at times rough. It is often bittersweet. It is absolutely beautiful. I knew it would punch me in the stomach and then give me a slice of cake to sooth my pain. And it was so worth it. Just lovely storytelling. Please go see it.

Amazing play, we laughed and cried together. Wonderful actors and stage set, beautifully choreographed. Not a bad place in the theater to see it from.

So glad I got to see it. You all ripped my heart.

breathtaking and unforgettable! so glad we caught this. we left weeping hot messes.

Psssssst! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but this show is really, really good and there are unsubstantiated reports that it made a certain young lady cry who never cries in the theatre.

And before you even ask, no. There is no Electric Baby 2: Infant Boogaloo.

THE ELECTRIC BABY / Photo: C. Stanley Photography