the audience speaks – FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS

FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS / Photo: DJ Corey PhotographyOur audiences always have a lot to say.  We’ve collected some of their thoughts about Forgotten Kingdoms. These comments were pulled from emails, our FACEBOOK PAGE, from TWITTER and INSTAGRAM, from the various online comments and from GOOD OLD-FASIONED CONVERSATION.

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Just wanted to say how much I appreciated “Forgotten Kingdoms”. I came to the preview on Saturday night. Having visited newly independent Nigeria in 1961, and having lived in post colonial Nigeria 1965-1968, I deeply appreciated your unflinching view of how broken the so-called saviors can be. Your protagonist reminded me of the parents of so many of the kids I went to school with in Nigeria. They were wounded souls, who actually hated the Nigerians but somehow thought that bringing God to Africa was their calling. You made me feel empathy for every single person in your play. I ADORED the magical realism and the mystery of what becomes of the boy in the end. The debates about Islam vs. Christianity couldn’t be more timely, and your putting such a human face on it is something we desperately need.

Congratulations on the terrific production values. Cara [Gabriel] got superb performances out of the actors — especially out of the young boy [Jeremy Gee]. The design was breathtaking, especially since I’ve experienced what the searing tropical sun can do to ones ability to reason.Thanks for your courage, your honesty and your vision. I wish you much success and I hope this play gets more exposure.


FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS / Photo: DJ Corey PhotographyMy heart still aches after watching this play yesterday afternoon at Rorschach Theatre! It blew my mind! The set design, the story unfolding with layers of layers of emotion just let my heart hanging in the midair……..! I love, love this story and its attempt to ask and answer questions that have been a part of us since the beginning of time. I especially like this interview, to help me understand more of the background of this play…… thank you, thank you!

Congrats @rorschachdc @randybakerdc on Forgotten Kingdoms. Interesting questions of belief and forgiveness. Beautiful design, use of space.

An enthralling new play beautifully designed and acted, everyone top of their game.

Randy Baker’s play is thought provoking & intriguing. Beautiful writing.

@rizaliwan god job Yusuf! We loved the performance. Very recommended! Btw the setting recalled my memory Ikan Bakar di pinggir pantai di Jambi

FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS / Photo: DJ Corey PhtographyWe saw “Forgotten Kingdoms” last week and thought it was very good.   The script is so engaging, both on emotional and the intellectual planes.  The end of the first act makes such a strong impression!  And the intertwining of the religious aspects and the cultures-in-contact aspects is fascinating.  Also the interpretations of events by the 3 adults reminded us of the Japanese classic “Rashomon.”

gorgeous, deep and delicious

The show was beautifully staged and acted.  The design elements were amazing, beyond atmospheric, creating a totally new reality.  And please pass on our kudos to Sun King, who did a great job with what we would deem a particularly challenging role.

I really enjoyed this show! The story is tense, compelling, and thought-provoking. The acting was excellent. Recommended!

A beautiful, poignant, thought-provoking, and lush show (omg those lights…that soundscape…gush.

I really loved this show and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Even the parts that were just talking between two people intrigued me. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next and what did happen next always surprised me.

Also lemme take a knee for a second to talk about THE GODDAMN SET DESIGN. It was so effective for the needs of the script and beautiful, like visually stunning, and goddamn, goddamn.

beautiful work by @randybaker1999 (and gorgeous set by @indepenguin) and the whole Rorschach team on FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS! Having been exposed to the story since its reading with @jakartaplayers in January, it has grown and changed so much — and for the better, in my humble opinion. In light of recent events in Jakarta, it provides a unique perspective to the many tensions communities and identities face in this diverse (let’s remind ourselves of that all the time, Indos) country of ours. Final congrats to the amazing @rizaliwan, who agreed to be part of the reading with JP in January and is now in the midst​ of his U.S. debut as the enigmatic Yusuf (also yay diverse casting!!). This crazy and wonderful journey is all his, and I’m in awe of his courage and inspired by his passion to get here.

Congrats @rorschachdc @randybakerdc on Forgotten Kingdoms. Interesting questions of belief and forgiveness. Beautiful design, use of space.

What a haunting, beautiful play and what a gorgeous production. Everything so beautifully supported the world of the piece … from the gorgeous postcard/poster to the moment I entered the theatre and saw that magical world. Gorgeous.

Beautiful work all around. The play has really stayed with me with its ghosts and hauntings and that actor from Indonesia just lifted it to a whole other level. So authentic and true.

FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS / Photo: DJ Corey Photography