June’s Ink: The Art of Burning Man (June 23)

A photo of Shrumen Lumen, a faceted mushroom sculpture piece, installed in the desert at Burning Man 2017.

Rorschach Theatre’s aesthetic is a unique blend of dark magic, bold use of space and a signature fierce performance style.  What other artists, in other mediums, speak to this aesthetic?  The Rorschach team organizes monthly events where our artists and audience come together to explore art galleries, cinema, author events and other adventures that feature work with a Rorschach flavor: Other People’s Ink.

June’s Ink: The Art of Burning Man

No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man
Renwick Gallery
(Pennsylvania Avenue at 17th Street NW)
June 23 at 11am


.. Each year in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, a city of more than 75,000 people rises out of the dust for a single week …

That’s not the opening stage direction for our next show; it’s a description of the annual Burning Man Festival! Join us this month for a stroll through the No Spectators exhibit at the Renwick, displaying the installations of Burning Man. Additionally – in an especially Rorschach twist – the exhibit expands outside the walls of the gallery and throughout the Golden Triangle neighborhood. We’ll begin on a walking tour of the outdoor installations and then move inside for more art (and A/C).

The museum is FREE but please RSVP so we know who’s coming!