August 2021
Venue TBA
Developing local artists for the future of theatre

KLECKSOGRAPHY is an annual event that brings together more than fifty artists to make something unimaginable. Inspired by the ink-blot test for which Rorschach Theatre was named, all participating artists will be shown a single, distinctive piece of visual art and in August that single image will explode into a number of wildly different visions: a handful of short plays and short films that will showcase the talents of the best of DC’s emerging artists.

Play-creation teams have been assembled from an open call for actors, directors, playwrights and filmmakers in order to minimize typical barriers for underrepresented artists. By providing producers with a high-impact, low-investment way to vet new artists, we aim to close the gap between artists trying to connect with new companies and companies looking for new perspectives. 

From Klecksography 2020: “Get on Board” by Britt A. Willis