Eight Chapters. Eight Locations | October 2021 – July 2022 | JOIN ANYTIME


October 2021 – July 2022
A season-long experience across multiple locations in Washington DC

CREATED BY Randy Baker, Kylos Brannon, Jenny McConnell Frederick, Shayla Roland, and Jonelle Walker

A scientist boards a plane from Amsterdam to Washington. Returning to a world she thought she knew, she discovers nothing, and nowhere, is what she expects. CHEMICAL EXILE takes participants to eight locations across the DC area as a complex story unfolds about families, forgotten histories, and the uncharted frontiers of the mind.

PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIES is Rorschach Theatre’s visionary new experience that takes participants to unexpected locations around their city while a season-long fictional narrative plays out over layers of history and magic realism. Guests receive a box in the mail monthly that includes a new Chapter in the story, each box containing hand-crafted objects – letters, drawings, souvenirs, photos, or even snacks – and a map to a location in their city. The season ends with a live in-person event that culminates the story.  

The first chapter of CHEMICAL EXILE: A Psychogeographies Project releases October 24, 2021, but participants can join AT ANY TIME and will be sent the chapters they missed.



In the summer of 2020, stripped of our usual tools,
Rorschach distilled our most essential responsibilities as a company to three key things:

Manifest Hope
Build Community through Connection
Provide Context in a time of crisis

With these goals at the forefront, we assembled a creative team, built upon our decades of unconventional theatre experiences and turned our whole city into a rich landscape of adventure and exploration.

Hundreds of DC-Area audiences joined us last year for Rorschach’s first Psychogeographies project, described by the The Washington Post as “[a] season-long immersive experience, DISTANCE FREQUENCIES sends audiences on monthly excursions to lesser-traveled Washington-area sites, where landscapes — together with the contents of curated mailed packages — help conjure a mysterious overarching story that is partly set in those locations.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts said about the project, “Rorschach Theatre’s current production is…an adventure of the mind and, if you wish, the body… The innovative form of art incorporates literature, music, mystery, romance, and DC’s highlights and history, all steeped in a hope for a better world… Rorschach Theatre has hit the jackpot with this innovative form of art, incorporating literature, music, mystery, romance, and DC’s highlights and history, all steeped in a hope for a better world.”

“Psychogeography” is a term coined by philosopher Guy Debord in the 1950s and refers to the intersection of psychology and geography. Our own psychological experiences of a city reveal hidden places – forgotten, discarded, or marginalized aspects of an urban environment. Locations have a history, a soul, a meaning beyond the dirt and bricks that surround it. These meanings range from the historical to the aesthetic to the personal, but all of these things give the space its resonance.

Safety Considerations: Most locations will be outdoors and avoid crowds. Participants are required to follow local and private business mask requirements where applicable.  Rorschach strongly recommends all participants be vaccinated against covid 19. We ask non-vaccinated participants to take part only in our at-home experiences. Vaccination may be required to attend the final live performance in Summer 2022. Participants who prefer not to leave their homes at this time, can access a video walking tour and will receive an adapted version of the instructions which can be executed from home. The final performance will be recorded and available to subscribers in the fall of 2022.