After the Flood

After the Flood

By Randy Baker
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore and James Hart
January 17 – February 7, 2004
World Premiere

Ethan Brooks, an American academic and a skeptic, returns to South East Asia, where he grew up, to study the dying art form of Malay shadow puppetry. Questions emerge surrounding the disappearance of one of the few remaining puppet masters, and Brooks sets off to find answers in the remote villages of Malaysia. The fables of the old puppeteer begin to mingle with Brooks’ story as he searches and begins to reconcile his own shadows.

In alternating scenes an actual shadow puppet play intersects with the modern narrative. Based loosely on the Hindu epic The Ramayana, it tells of a great battle that will bring either the birth of a hero or the death of a legend.

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PRODUCED BY Jenny McConnell and Randy Baker

FEATURING Anne Bowles, Frank Britton, Franklin Dam, Jennifer Knight, Jason Lott, Scott McCormick, Josh Skidmore, Meg Taintor, Al Twanmo and Paul MacWhorter.
DESIGNED BY John Burkland (Lighting Design), David McKeever (Sound Design/Composer), Matt Soule (Set Design), Debra Kim Sivigny (Costume Design/Puppet Design), Frank Labovitz (Asst. Costume Design)
STAGE MANAGED BY Jordan Sudermann

AFTER THE FLOOD was sponsored in part by Pete Miller & Sara Cormeny.

Performed in THE SANCTUARY THEATRE at Casa Del Pueblo Calvary Methodist Church
(Rorschach Theatre’s home: 2002-2007)