Klecksography was a game that Hermann Rorschach played as a child in which children would make shapes out of ink on a blank page.  Inspired by this game he would go on to develop his famous psychological test, the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

KLECKSOGRAPHY is a collaboration between Rorschach and five other theatre companies from across the city to create a limited run event featuring a collection of new one-act plays. The project focuses on networking and opportunity by pairing theatre leadership with artists new to their companies. Additionally, the project embraces the metaphor of the inkblot test (and Hermann Rorschach’s original game) by having all six plays inspired by a single image or piece of art. Play creation teams, each mentored by an Artistic Leader of a different theatre company, will be assembled via an open call for actors, playwrights and directors.


How is this different from our previous Klecksography projects?

This restructuring was based on the results of a DC theatre survey undertaken by Rorschach in the fall of 2018.  More than 40 local artistic directors and producers responded in addition to dozens of freelance artists.   Based on those results we’ve invited other companies into our process and rebuilt the program to focus on networking and connection.   By providing producers with a high-impact, low-investment way to vet new artists, we aim to close the gap many artists experience in trying to connect with new companies.  

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