In normal seasons, most major shows (as well as Klecksography, Magic in Rough Spaces, and other events) take place at theĀ Atlas Performing Arts Center; one show a year is performed at the Silver Spring Black Box in Downtown Silver Spring, MD; Fight Camp takes place at Theatre Lab; and Other People’s Ink events take place all over the city.

These are not a normal times.

Rorschach’s PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIES program began last season with DISTANCE FREQUENCIES, a season-long immersive event told in monthly chapters. PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY projects do not take place in any theatre but they also don’t take place at a computer in your home. CLICK HERE for more information on the 2021/2022 PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIES project.

Also coming up in 2021/2022 are the annual projects MAGIC IN ROUGH SPACES in the spring (which will be presented online) and KLECKSOGRAPHY in August (which will likely be presented in person), as well as our summer FIGHT CAMP.