SHE KILLS MONSTERS 2e! Previews begin 10/18! Tickets ON SALE NOW!
How brave are you? Rorschach’s 2020 Season is here!
THE TOXIC AVENGER begins previews January 31, 2019
F*CK LA VIE D’ARTISTE begins previews May 22, 2019
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    A WILDLY TOXIC PARTY: Monday August 26 @ Exiles Bar on U StreetAug 21, 2019

    Let’s get this party kickstarted!

    Come on down to Exiles on U Street for food, fun, and some fabulous fundraising. Happy

    Be a part of THE TOXIC AVENGER! Rorschach is kickstarting it’s first musical!Aug 7, 2019

    The Earth is warming. The waterways are polluted. Our bodies are poisoned by invisible radioactive particles. We’re pretty much DOOMED! Enter

    Other People’s Ink: Rorschach @ Fort Reno – July 15, 2019 @ 7pmJul 3, 2019

    Need some more punk in your summer? Tired of battling the DC heat without A+ indie music?
    Sounds like you should

    OTHER PEOPLE’S INK: Dance of the Diagram (Saturday, May 4)Apr 12, 2019

    OTHER PEOPLE’S INK: Dance of the Diagram

    Not enough Bob Fosse in your algebra? Is your Martha Graham obsession desperately deficient

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