Rorschach Theatre: ACROSS THE CITY (2018 – Present)

Human Museum: April 2024 (1020 Connecticut Avenue) 
Night of the Living Dead: October 2023 (1020 Connecticut Avenue) 
Eldritch Investigations: Nov 2023-Aug 2024 (A season-long immersive adventure across DC)

Angel Number Nine: July 2023 (1020 Connecticut Avenue)
Sometimes the Rain, Sometimes the Sea: April 2023 (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
Dracula: A Feminist Revenge Fantasy: October 2022 (The Firehouse at the Parks at Walter Reed)
Dissonant City: October 2022-July 2023 (A season-long immersive adventure across DC)

Chemical Exile: Synthesis: July 2022 (Waterfront Centre at 800 9th Street SW)
Chemical Exile: October 2021-July 2022 (A season-long immersive adventure across DC)
Distance Frequencies: Transmission: July 2021 (The Great Lawn at the Parks at Walter Reed)
Distance Frequencies: October 2020-July 2021 (A season-long immersive adventure across DC)
The Toxic Avenger: The Musical: February 2020 (Silver Spring Black Box)
She Kills Monsters: October 2019 (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven: April 2019 (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
Reykjavik: February 2019 (Silver Spring Black Box)
Sing To Me Now: October 2018 (Atlas Performing Arts Center)
Other People’s Ink: 2018-2020 (all over the DC Area)

Rorschach Theatre @ ATLAS (2011 – 2018)

410[GONE]: April 2018
Neverwhere: September 2017
Forgotten Kingdoms: April 2017
A Bid to Save the World: September 2016
The Electric Baby: April 2016

Truth and Beauty Bombs: A Softer World: September 2015
Very Still and Hard to See: April 2015
She Kills Monsters: August 2014
Glassheart: January 2014
Neverwhere: August 2013
The Minotaur: January 2013
A Maze: August 2012
The Gallerist: January 2012
After the Quake: October 2011

Rorschach Theatre IN EXILE (2008-2011)

Voices Underwater: March 2011
Living Dead In Denmark: July 2009
Dead City: July 2009
Brainpeople: June 2009
1001: May 2009
The Skin of Our Teeth: July 2008
Dream Sailors: July 2008
This Storm is What We Call Progress: June 2008

Rorschach at THE SANCTUARY THEATRE (2002-2007)

Kit Marlowe: October 2007
Birds: June 2007
References To Salvador Dali Make Me Hot: April 2007
Rough Magic: January 2007
Monster: October 2006
The Arabian Night: July 2006
A Bright Room Called Day: April 2006
Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards: January 2006
The Beard of Avon: October 2005
Behold!: May 2005
The Scarlet Letter: February 2005
Accidental Death of an Anarchist: October 2004
A Tale of a Tiger: September 2004
After the Flood: January 2004
Master and Margarita: August 2003
Family Stories: A Slapstick Tragedy: April 2003
Ubu Roi: October 2002
A Clearing in the Woods: June 2002
Lord of the Flies: March 2002

In the Beginning: Early Site Specific Productions 

JB: September 2001

The Illusion: June 2001

God of Vengeance: February 2001

Rhinoceros: October 2000

The Hairy Ape: July 1999


Events and Short Runs

Klecksography 2024: February 2024
Klecksography 2020: August 2020
Klecksography 2019: June 2019
Klecksography 2018: June 2018 (The first year of the re-branded Klecksography program)

Magic in Rough Spaces 2022: May 2022
Magic in Rough Spaces 2021: April 2021
Magic in Rough Spaces 2020: June 2020
Magic in Rough Spaces 2018: April 2018

The Bar Between Worlds: A Pop-Up Benefit Bash: August 2018
Thesmophoria: A Hellbent Journey with Rorschach Theatre: August 2016
Six Impossible Things: A site-specific benefit performance: May 2014

Klecksography: Toil and Trouble: October 2017
Klecksography: A Very Pagan Christmas: December 2016

Klecksography: Island of the Misfit Toys: December 2015
Klecksography: Haunting Monsters: October 2015
Klecksography: DC Haunts October 2013
Klecksography: The Apocalypse Party  December 2012
Klecksography: DC Underground March 2012
Klecksography: Home for the Holidays December 2010

MYTH-Appropriation: 15-minute Epics August 2009
MYTH-Appropriation: Tales From the Edge of the World August 2009
MYTH-Appropriation: Urban Legends April 2009
MYTH-Appropriation: The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St Nicholas December 2008
MYTH-Appropriation: Creation Stories May 2008
MYTH-Appropriation: The Brothers Grimm September 2007