MYTH-appropriation: The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St Nicholas

The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St Nicholas

Saturday Dec 13, 2008

Rorschach tracked old Santa Claus back to his religious, pagan and supernatural roots, excavating myths from Vikings, to early Christians, to alpine pagan rites. MYTH-Appropriation is a process that begins when six playwrights choose at random six related stories and then have one night to adapt them into short plays. The directors, designers and casts then spend the rest of the week developing the plays, rehearsing them and designing them, culminating in an exciting one-night event. Previous and subsequent MYTH-appropriation events tackled everything from The Brothers Grimm to Urban Legends.

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick

WRITTEN BY Kathleen Akerley, Randy Baker, Shuan Raviv, Adam Segaller, Stephen Spotswood, Seamus Sullivan
DIRECTED BY Akiva Fox, Casey Kaleba, Jenn John, Lee Liebeskind, Matt Ripa, Catherine Tripp
DESIGNED BY Elisheba Ittoop, Suzen Mason, Amanda Mitchel, Ivania Stack, Eric Watkins
FEATURING Katie Atkinson, Brian Crane, Elizabeth Darby, Josh DeMinter, David Dowell, Josh Drew, Danny Gavigan, Jeremy Goren, Theo Hadjimichael, Lindsay Haynes, Gwen Grastorf, Erin Kaufman, Lisa Lias, Matt MacNelly, Rachel Manteuffel, Eric Messner, Casie Platt, Francisco Reinoso, Mundy Spears, Sarah Taurchini, Amanda Thickpenny, John Tweel, Alia Faith Williams, Ellen Young
WITH Kyle Jean Fisher (Stage Manager), Anne MacCaw (Dramaturg) and Megan Reichelt (Associate Producer)