MYTH-Appropriation: Urban Legends

Urban Legends

April 25, 2009

I know a guy whose cousin’s best friend’s uncle…

Isn’t that how the story goes? Somewhere on the American landscape between folk tales and truth lays the Urban Legend. Hook-handed killers, drug-crazed babysitters and Southern fried rats, all of these stories are as much a part of the American zeitgeist as Abraham Lincoln, baseball and The Doors. Rorschach promises you an evening of tiny terrors, the unsubstantiated and the just plain bizarre. And we swear every word is true!

MYTH-Appropriation is a process that begins when six playwrights choose at random six related stories and then have one night to adapt them into short plays.  The directors, designers and casts then spend the rest of the week developing the plays, rehearsing them and designing them, culminating in an exciting one-night event. Previous and subsequent MYTH-appropriation events tackled everything from The Brothers Grimm to Urban Legends.

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker, Jenny McConnell Frederick

WRITTEN BY Ben Kingsland, Jacqueline E. Lawton, Shaun Raviv, Stephen Spotswood, Gwydion Suilebhan, Seamus Sullivan
DIRECTED BY Michael Dove, Akiva Fox, Colin Hovde, Jenn John, Suzen Mason, Matt Ripa
DESIGNED BY Sam Kitchel, Denise Umland, Chris Baine
FEATURING Christopher Buchanan, Elizabeth Darby, Chris Dinolfo, Megan Dominy, Melissa-Leigh Douglass, Kristen Egermeier, Michael Feldsher, Heather Gaither-Greek, Nick Greek, Annie Grier, Heather Haney, Jessica Hansen, Allyson Harkey, Laura C. Harris, K. Clare Johnson, Rachel Manteuffel, Adrienne Nelson, Francisco Reinoso, Jessica Lynn Rodriguez, Sandra Sampayo, Adam Jonas Segaller, Brynn Tucker, Edwin Xavier, Jacob Yeh
WITH Kyle Jean Fisher (Stage Manager) and Elissa Goetschius(Dramaturg)