MYTH-appropriation: 15-Minute Epics

15-Minute Epics

Sunday, August 16
With guest playwrights
Jason Grote, Sheila Callaghan and Qui Nguyen!

Myth-Appropriation: 15 minute Epics was the sixth edition of Rorschach’s extreme new play development project, Myth-Appropriation, in which a group of writers, directors, designers and actors join forces to bring a collections of fully realized new plays to life for one night only. The process begins with playwrights adapting myths from sources such as as Grimm’s Fairytales or Urban Legends.

This time around, the stories were drawn from epics from around the world. Additionally, the greatest talents from the previous season returned:  Written by the playwrights of Season 9, directed by the directors of Season 9 and featuring the actors of Season 9 (with a few exciting guest stars).

WRITTEN BY Sheila Callaghan, Jason Grote, Qui Nguyen, Brett Abelman and Randy Baker,
FEATURING Regina Aquino, Monalisa Arias, Ian Fahey, Heather Gaither, Cesar Guadamuz, Scott McCormick, Dylan Meyer, Karl Miller, Katie Molinaro, Megan Reichelt, Francisco Reinoso, Danny Rivera, Jenna Sokolowski, Amanda Thickpenny, Al Twanmo, Yasmin Tuazon
DIRECTED BY Wyckham Avery, Leah Hamos, Jenny McConnell Frederick, Catherine Tripp
DESIGNED BY Debra Kim Sivigny, Wade Tandy, Robert Brown and Emily Levin
STAGE MANAGED BY Hannah Blechman