Kit Marlowe

Kit Marlowe

By David Grimm
Directed by Jessie R. Gallogly
October 25 – December 2, 2007

Part of the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s

“Kit Marlowe flies, with scenes intercutting each other with such facility that they conjure up images of a circus act, with high-wire acrobats.”
— DC Theatre Scene

Hungry for adventure and a way to make his mark, Christopher Marlowe becomes a spy for a dark wing of the British government. Set in the seedy underworld of Elizabethan England, the story charts the meteoric rise and fall of Kit Marlowe—playwright, poet, spy and sexual outlaw. Rorschach delves into a world of intrigue and espionage, where spies are betrayed by the very government they serve.

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PRODUCED BY Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker

FEATURING William Aitken, Tony Bullock, John Brennan, Matt Dunphy, Lee Ordeman, Adam Jonas Segaller, Nick Stevens, Josh Sticklin, Jesse Terrill, Reece Thornbery
DESIGNED BY Eric Grims (Set), David C. Ghatan (Lights), Emily Dere (Costumes), Veronica Lancaster (Sound), Heather Gaither (Props).
STAGE MANAGED BY Katherine A. Keogh and Cynthia Caul (Asst. SM)
WITH Casey Kaleba (Fight Choreography) Rachel Miller (Dramaturgy) and Cynthia Caul (Asst. Dramaturgy), Andrew Berry (Assistant Set Design)

KIT MARLOWE was sponsored in part by Jeffery P. Cunard and Mary Abbajay & Chris Marlow.

SEASON 8 was sponsored in part by Mark & Cindy Aron, The Dobranski Foundation and Pete Miller & Sara Cormeny.

Performed in THE SANCTUARY THEATRE at Casa Del Pueblo Calvary Methodist Church
(Rorschach Theatre’s home: 2002-2007)