By Eugene Ionesco
Directed By Randy Baker
October 4 – 28, 2000

“Throw in a splendid sound design by Brian Keating (ambient jungle rumble and musical rhino moans) and a performance that spills off the stage, into the aisles and even out of sight in the makeshift wings and behind the audience, and you have a show that gets an ‘A’ for atmosphere… the actors’ grunts and bellows get an otherworldly echo in the greenhouse… Keating’s soundtrack, which runs under long chunks of the action and drives most of the high points, is haunting, and Baker finds effective visual equivalents as he dares to see beauty in the rhinos. The image is as seductive as the poignant animal cries that reverberate through the greenhouse.”

— Washington Post

Berenger is having a very bad day. Last night is a little hazy, a hangover rages in his head, his best friend says he will never amount to anything, the girl of his dreams doesn’t know he exists, and he has a sneaking suspicion that people are turning into rhinoceroses.

PRODUCED BY Jenny McConnell and Randy Baker

FEATURING Lindsay Allen, Fiona Blackshaw, Jonathon Church, Deanna Harris, Laley Lipard, Lucas Maroney, Scot McKenzie, Andrew Price and Grady Weatherford
DESIGNED BY Beth Baldwin (Costumes and Props), Eric Grims (Set and Lights), Brian Keating (Sound) and Meghan Boyle (Stage Management)

Performed in the former greenhouse of the old Hechingers’ Building in Tenleytown