MYTH-appropriation: Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm

Six timeless tales.
Six new plays.
All created in just six days.

September 8, 2007 

Culling from the dark landscapes of the Brothers Grimm, this event was Rorschach Theatre’s first “MYTH-Appropriation” – a process that begins when six playwrights choose at random six related stories and then have one night to adapt them into short plays.  The directors, designers and casts then spend the rest of the week developing the plays, rehearsing them and designing them, culminating in an exciting one-night event. Subsequent MYTH-appropriation events tackled everything from St Nicholas stories to Urban Legends.

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick

WRITTEN BY Norman Allen, Randy Baker, James Hesla, Jacqueline E. Lawton, Anne M. McCaw, Gwydion Suilebhan
DIRECTED BY Jessica Burgess, Michael Dove, Dan Pruksarnukul, Patrick Torres, Catherine Tripp, Andrew Wassenich
DESIGNED BY David C. Ghatan, Robbie Hayes, Debra Kim Sivigny
FEATURING Evan Casey, Jenny Corbett, Nicola Daval, Christopher Dinolfo, Daniel Eichner, Dana Edwards, Heather Gaither, Maggie Glauber, Jeremy Goren, Michael Grew, Cesar Guadamuz, Lauren Krizner, Jason Linkins, John Michael MacDonald, Adrienne Nelson, Sasha Olinick, Helen Pafumi, Ghillian Porter, Betsy Rosen, Mark Ross, Jesse Terrill, Amanda Thickpenny, Wendy Wilmer, Simone Zvi