KLECKSOGRAPHY: Island of the Misfit Toys


KLECKSOGRAPHY: Island of the Misfit Toys

Saturday, December 19, 2015 
with two showings: 7pm and 9pm
Performing at Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street NE, Washington DC 20002

Adults $20 / Students and Seniors $15

On an iceberg near the North Pole Charlie stands sentry over the Island of the Misfit Toys – a place where slightly flawed toys go to be forgotten. On this quiet winter night, The Abominable Snowman attacks – but before he can eat him, Charlie asks if he would rather hear a story. The snowman agrees and Charlie begins distract him with story after story of misfit toys and their adventures. In a story that is equal part Arabian Nights, Rankin and Bass and Goonies, KLECKSOGRAPHY: ISLAND OF THE MISFIT TOYS tells seven unexpected tales about what it means to be an outsider.

Created by more than three dozen theatre artists, the show’s seven stories are all written and staged during a one-week process. Join the city’s most daring theatre company and see what happens when Washington’s most adventurous theatre lets the toys run amok.

CONCEIVED, CURATED AND PRODUCED BY Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker
WRITTEN BY Allyson Currin, Zachary Fernebok, Joshua Ford, Tim Guillot, Jack Novak, Alexandra Petri and James Rogers
DIRECTED BY Joshua W. Kelley, Anna Lathrop, Nick Martin, Ryan Maxwell, Quill Nebeker, Sarah Scafidi, Bridget Grace Sheaff
FEATURING Brighton Barker, Tori Boutin, Frank Britton, Kathleen Burnard, Alison Daniels, Misty Demory, James Finley, Olivia Haller, Erik Harrison, Sarah Holt, Lolita Marie Horne, Shawn Jain, Ally Jenkins, Ife Johnson, Hilary Kelly, Karen Lange, Ben Lauer, Caroline Lucas, Ashley Lyles, Rachel Spicknall Mulford, Jennifer Osborn, Farrell Parker, Danny Rovin, Amal Saade, Matt Strote, Christian Sullivan, Amanda Tatum, Chelsea Thaler, Kim Tuvin, Gray West, Mackenzie Williams
WITH Patrick Lord (Set Designer), Niusha Nawab (Sound Designer), Colin Dieck (Lighting Designer) and Laura Schlactmayer (Stage Manager)

Klecksography was a game that Hermann Rorschach played as a child in which children would make shapes out of ink on a blank page.  Inspired by this game he would go on to develop his famous psychological test, the Rorschach Inkblot Test.

Rorschach Theatre’s Klecksography Projects play a similar game with New Play Development – stories are built by artists responding to a similar theme or a common source and then presented to an audience as an evening of theatre.  The evenings are always created in a furiously short time and involve a veritable army of playwrights, directors, actors and designers.

Examples of themes from past events include forgotten Washington stories, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Urban Legends and actual Holiday Stories from the Rorschach fan page.  Below are links to all the Klecksography projects, including our “Myth-Appropriation” events which followed a similar formula but were based exclusively on mythology.