July 7 – July 24

Thursdays-Sundays at 8pm
PWYC Previews on July 7 and 8

R2 Labs at Waterfront Centre
800 9th Street SW
Washington, DC 20024
(steps away from the DC Wharf)

CREATED BY Randy Baker, Kylos Brannon, Jenny McConnell Frederick, Doug Robinson, Shayla Roland, Jonelle Walker

Directed by Randy Baker

“Rorschach Theatre’s CHEMICAL EXILE excites the mind and ignites curiosity with unique storylines incorporating the fascinatingly rich history of DC.”
— DC Metro Theatre Arts

When chemist Teddy Morris left Amsterdam to return to her hometown this fall, it was not the DC she remembered. A stranger followed her around the city, her memories were coming apart at the seams and a man claiming to be her dead dad had become a controversial faith leader. Over the next six months, her life took a swerve she never saw coming.

This summer, Dr. Theodora Morris cordially invites you to tour the R2 Labs where she and her colleagues are hard at work developing a chemical compound that may punch a hole through space time and allow those displaced from alternate realities to return home. Probably.

This live performance is the culmination of CHEMICAL EXILE, Rorschach’s seven-chapter immersive adventure across the city. The show be enjoyed with or without participation in the first seven chapters.

“Chemical Exile is an undeniably fun and unique experience. Perfectly executed emotional highs and lows all seamlessly woven together within a curious sci-fi premise make for a night full of wonder and genuine enjoyment for all audiences displaced across realities.”
DC Theater Arts

“Chemical Exile’s gift is in its thoughtful, self-reflexive world-building. At its best, Synthesis fulfills that brief by asking us to, as Velouria says, “look again,” whether at the beautiful, inventive rooms designed by Nadir Bey, Sarah Beth Hall, and Grace Trudeau; the ties that bind a family, despite its existential dysfunctions; or the city that inspired it all, which earned a fittingly spectacular salute at the show’s climax.”
Washington City Paper

…immerses all participants in a dynamic environment of light, sound, and sensation…asks us to consider the forces…that have brought us to this particular time and place.
MD Theatre Guide

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FEATURING Erik Harrison, Nathanael Hatchett, Jen Rabbitt Ring, Arika Thames, Roz Ward, and Baakari Wilder.
DESIGNED BY Nadir Bey, Sarah Beth Hall, and Grace Trudeau (Set Designers); Dean Leong and James Morrison (Lighting designers) Gordon Nimmo-Smith and Veronica J. Lancaster (Sound Designers); Paris Francesca (Costume Designer); Rooster Skylar Sultan (Props Designer); and Kylos Brannon (Video Designer).
WITH Valarie McFatter (Stage Manager), Alika Codispoti and Caraline Jeffrey (Associate Stage Managers), Emma Sloane and Paige Willis (Assistant Stage Managers), Simone Schneeberg (Technical Director), Elliott Shugoll (Master Electrician), Adam B. Ferguson (Production Manager).
PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnnell Frederick