Dream Sailors

Dream Sailors

By Randy Baker
Directed by Colin Hovde
July 17- August 17, 2008
World Premiere

EPISODE 1: Jakob’s Fence
EPISODE 2: The Princess and the Dervish
EPISODE 3: Garuda’s Flight
EPISODE 4: The Traveler

“A hallucinatory, pop-culture-savvy, romantic quasi-mystery…part nightmare, part thriller, part fairy tale, part wartime coming-of-age saga”
— Washington Post

Four friends, drawn together by their uniquely powerful ability to lucid dream, awaken to make a grim discovery in their basement. Their worlds turned upside down, they must return to the dark landscape of their dreams for answers.

The play unfolded “episodically” in four parts, with a new hour-long play premiering every week.

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FEATURING: Tony Bullock, Rex Daugherty, Lindsay Haynes, Lee Liebeskind, Casie Platt, Ghillian Porter, Sarah Taurchini, Amanda Thickpenny, Shane Wallis, Grady Weatherford
DESIGNED BY: Hannah J Crowell(Set), John Burkland (Lights), Heather Lockard(Costumes), Chris Baine (Sound), Nadia Mercer (Props and Projections)
STAGE MANAGED BY: Kate Lucibella
PRODUCED BY: Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker
David C. Ghatan (Assoc. Producer), Debra Kim Sivigny (Assoc. Producer), Catherine Tripp (Assoc. Producer)
ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION: Tracy Wertheimer (Assistant Lighting Designer), Veronica Lancaster (Technical Director), Brian S. Allard (Master Electrician)

SEASON 8 was sponsored in part by Mark & Cindy Aron, The Dobranski Foundation and Pete Miller & Sara Cormeny.

Performed in THE DAVIS LAB THEATRE at Georgetown University’s Royden B. Davis, S.J. Performing Arts Center