By Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig
Directed by Gregory Keng Strasser

March 23-April 15 2018
Atlas Performing Arts Center
Washington DC

“Worried that tech devices are impinging on family time? Maybe your concerns should extend to the afterlife, too. In Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s audacious, irreverent and ultimately moving play 410[GONE], the Chinese Land of the Dead has gone pixelated…”

The Washington Post

The Chinese Goddess of Mercy and the Monkey King think they control the Land of the Dead until their newest arrival, a Chinese-American boy, defies the system. Can an arcade dance game be the only thing that stands between the boy and his transmigration?  Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s dark and dazzling play about the afterlife explores identity, love and what it takes to forge a new path.

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中国的慈悲女神和猴王认为他们控制着死者的土地,直到他们一个最新到达中国和美国的男孩违反了这个制度。舞蹈游戏能成为男孩和他的来回之间的唯一的东西吗?Frances. Ya-Chu Cowhig 关于来世的黑暗和耀眼的游戏探索身份,爱情和以及建立新的途径所需要的东西

“In the capable hands of Strasser and Rorschach Theatre, Cowhig’s post-modern melding of Buddhist philosophy, Chinese mythology, digital-pop-culture, clowning, and family tragedy provides a genre-bending thrill ride that generates both laughter and the contemplation on mortality and loss.” —DC Metro Theatre Arts

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FEATURING Linda Bard,* Yasmin Tuazon,* Sebastian Amoruso, Andrew Quilpa and Jacob Yeh.
DESIGNED BY Debra Kim Sivigny*(Set), Katie McCreary*(Lights), Roc Lee (Sound), Rhe’a Roland (Costumes), Kylos Brannon (Projections), Rachael Knoblauch (Props),  Swedian Lie (Asst. Set Design)
WITH Gordon Nimmo-Smith (Production Manager), Linz Moore (Stage Manager), Elliot Shugoll (Master Electrician), Casey Kaleba (Fight Choreography), Sarah Taurchini (Dance Choreography), Sophie Barden (Asst. Stage Manager)
PRODUCED BY Randy Baker, Jenny McConnell Frederick and Jonelle Walker

*Roschach Theatre Company Member

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