Master and Margarita

Master and Margarita

Original novel by Mikhail Bulgakov
Adapted for the stage by Jean-Claude van Itallie
from a translation by Sergei Kobiakoff
Directed by Jenny McConnell
August 2 – 30, 2003

“Staged with eerie appropriateness in a high-beamed former sanctuary, this production crackles with manic energy as it emerges from the gutters of Moscow, time-travels to the Crucifixion at Golgotha and concludes with an artistic Resurrection presided over by Satan… Surely there’s a Helen Hayes nomination here somewhere for what might be one of 2003’s most astounding theatrical adventures.”
– Washington Times

It is springtime in Moscow and the devil has come to stage his annual ball and wreak havoc on a city that believes in neither Heaven nor Hell. Jean Claude Van Itallie’s adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s masterpiece combines elements of Faust, the Bible and Soviet Russia with the surreal romance of a writer driven mad by his own work and his lover’s desperate attempt to save him.

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PRODUCED BY Jenny McConnell and Randy Baker

FEATURING Lindsay Allen, Chris Davenport, Melissa-Leigh Douglass, Tim Getman, Scott Graham, John Horn, Jason Basinger Linkins, Scott McCormick, Melissa Schwartz, Mark Sullivan, Grady Weatherford
DESIGNED BY Justine Light (costume designer and co-set designer), David C. Ghatan (co-set designer), Matthew Frederick (sound designer), Alex Cooper and Justin Thomas (lighting designers)
STAGE MANAGED BY Jordan Sudermann and Patrick Crowley (asst. Stage Manager)

MASTER & MARGARITA was sponsored in part by The Dobranski Foundation.

Performed in THE SANCTUARY THEATRE at Casa Del Pueblo Calvary Methodist Church
(Rorschach Theatre’s home: 2002-2007)