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“When a woman offers two strangers $20,000 to dine with her for an evening, there’s naturally got to be a catch. But in Jose Rivera’s Brainpeople, being given a thoughtful, intimate staging by Rorschach Theatre Company, none of the cliche scenarios and hypotheticals that may have popped into the mind apply to what’s about to happen to this trio of women from disparate, if equally desperate backgrounds.”
–- DCist (CLICK HERE for the full review)


“Director Catherine Tripp has accomplished a vivid work – disorderly and feverish but making it seem quite plausible. Here is an unconventional journey within the Latin magical realism genre toward an unexpectedly optimistic final chronicle of three women’s search for love and trust.”
–- Potomac Stages (No link – potomac stages retired their site in 2008)

“The kind of challenge that Rorschach Theatre loves, of course. The company’s pattern has been to embrace dense, intellectually aggressive material”
–Washington Post (CLICK HERE for the full review)

“..the story comes together marvelously and each actress rises to the occasion.”
–DCTheatre Scene (CLICK HERE for the full review)


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