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“A hallucinatory, pop-culture-savvy, romantic quasi-mystery…part nightmare, part thriller, part fairy tale, part wartime coming-of-age saga.”
-Washington Post (CLICK HERE for the full article)

Actors Tony Bullock, Rex Daugherty, Lindsay Hanes, Casie Platt, and Grady Weatherford are doing excellent, convincing work with Shane Wallis a standout among the rest of the ensemble.
As all dreamers know, dreams aren’t static. These flash by, melt and merge into one another thanks to the creative team: Colin Hovde contributes great casting and brisk pacing; set designer Hannah J. Crowell designed a series of panels strung with what look like dried rice noodles (but aren’t) guided by quick footed stage hands, which quickly sluice through the front stage forming different slices of space; and the eerie quality to the dream and waking states are made vivid by the lighting and sound designs (John Burkland and Christopher Baine respectively).
— DC Theatre Scene (CLICK HERE for the full article)

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