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“Gael has impressively woven together The Gallerist’s far-fetched premise, along with multiple intersecting timelines, to create an unconventional and suspenseful tale. Director Catherine Tripp’s production is further heightened by an impeccably cast ensemble of performers.”

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“If Gothic thrillers, The Picture of Dorian Gray and movies like “Rebecca” send you swooning, alight from the Victorian fainting couch and get on over to the Atlas Performing Arts Center for this world premiere production under the imaginative direction of Catherine Tripp. It’s freaky good fun.”
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“A fusion of gothic horror, Freudian intrigue and lesbian romance, Fengar Gael’s drama, in a world premiere by Rorschach Theatre, is tantalizingly oddball.”
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“A disturbing high tea, with evil animal spirits and a hot lady who gets possessed by a monkey… What you see will most certainly be a surprise…you can trust Rorschach to give you a night of something new, and you can trust that they will do it like pros.”
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Rorschach Theatre continues to maintain a standard of excellence among its artists with their wonderful production of The Gallerist. With this production Rorschach will surely see it rise as one of the top tier theaters in DC. Catherine Tripp molds a wonderful cast with mastery and wit. The production is entertaining and the conceits are fun. The cast is just delightful and each perform several bits of emotional and sometimes physical acrobatics as they switch from character to character.
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