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Routine can be both comforting and confining, offering stability while constructing artificial walls that silently guide our daily lives. In their jaw-dropping production of Rob Handel’s A Maze, Rorschach Theatre explores the depths of our own prisons in an arresting portrait of obsession, addiction, and fear of the unknown.

Weatherford’s canny orchestration of plot, acting, scenery, and lighting ensnares the audience and traps it deep within Handel’s swirling narrative. A Maze is not only a mind-bending enigma of storytelling, but also a deep meditation on the strictures and interconnectedness of everyday life. This stunning metaphysical mystery boldly sticks the truth right in the audience’s face and dares them to decipher it before the thunderous reveal.
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A Maze is awash in captivating performances. Mitchell makes Beeson, with his overly precise delivery and darting eyes, a fascinating case study. As Oksana, Sara Barker perfectly captures the way certain creative types wear their explosive emotions on their sleeves, while still imbuing her with a sympathetic air. Ferlo plays Paul with an easy, offhand kind of grace. And Jenny Donovan makes us want to learn more about the now-grown Jessica’s motives. What made her escape now, after eight years of captivity, and what kind of person has emerged from such an experience? A Maze doesn’t spell out every answer, but Handel keeps us invested enough to try to figure out his characters even after their stories have wrapped up for the evening.
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A remarkably well-acted show about celebrity, its entrapments, and the nature of intellectual property.
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There are two kinds of mazes – the one where you start on one side and work your way through to the other, and the kind where you start on the outside and work your way to the center. Rorschach Theatre’s production of Rob Handel’s A Maze is a complex twist of working your way though from start to finish while trying to wind into the complexity and find the jewel buried at the center. Directed by Grady Weatherford, a brilliant presentation of dark and controversial themes comes to light in this labyrinth as three unlikely stories interweave and become an integral part of one another.
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[Rorschach] has a taste for tales that stretch reality. So the plotline about the oddly dysfunctional cartoonist writing a super-elaborate, multi-volume saga featuring a defensive maze designed by a half-man/half-dog — well, in local theatrical terms, that’s pure Rorschach.
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