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90 minutes with ripe moments of raw emotion, well-timed zingers, topical modern references, and a world of deep insightful relatable elements; all of which make this one of the most unique retellings in modern theatre. With comedic aspects not dissimilar to more recent adaptations of Metamorphoses and the drama of a daytime soap opera, this riveting new work is simply impressive beyond compare.
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The folks at Rorschach Theatre are practiced fantasists, so they have no problem conjuring a minotaur for the new play “The Minotaur.” Costume designer Lauren Cucarola provides actor David Zimmerman with a dapper suit in a brown rawhide tone, a shirt the color of blood and an elegant little horned headpiece, and voila: He’s a mythical bull chafing at the bad hand he’s been dealt by the gods.

Smartly Designed… the show comes at you with an intelligent mix of classicism and whimsy.
– Washington Post
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Extraordinarily ambitious… the universally strong performances and the heady concepts of desire, self-control, and fate make this an absorbing and inventive work
— The Washingtonian
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In David Zimmerman’s bearded, fuming, matter-of-fact beast, director Randy Baker has found a creature magnetic enough to rivet even when he’s merely stalking the perimeter of the in-the-round performance space.
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Overall, Rorschach Theatre’s production of The Minotaur achieves the rare trifecta of being touching, intelligent, and enjoyable.
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A video excerpt from a dress rehearsal of THE MINOTAUR: