Glassheart / January 2014 / Graphic Design: Blake EchollsGlassheart

By Reina Hardy
Directed by Lee Liebeskind

“In the empty living room of a shabby apartment,
in the dark, a Beast is crying.
There is just enough light to see that he is monstrous,
and that he is clutching something precious to him.”

January 17-February 16, 2014
Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
And Sundays at 3pm
Special Monday Night Show on February 10 at 8pm
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“Rorschach Theatre, Washington’s leading fantasists, are giving the script a loving embrace at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, where a quartet of actors are putting an engaging spin on Hardy’s swooning talk.” 
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GLASSHEART / January 2014 / PHOTO: C. Stanley Photography

Holed up in a tiny Chicago apartment, a beast and his only friend, a lamp, wait for a beauty that may never come. The downstairs neighbor has a band, and the landlady makes suspiciously delicious gingerbread. Then one day, a U-Haul arrives… In the space between now and always, GLASSHEART confronts the universal uncertainties of love, fate and free-will.

FEATURING Natalie Cutcher, Andrew Keller, Lynette Rathnam and Megan Reichelt.

DESIGNED BY Lauren Cucarola (Costume Designer), Robbie Hayes (Set Designer), Veronica J. Lancaster (Sound Designer), Katie McCreary (Lighting Designer), Britney Mongold (Props Designer), Debra Kim Sivigny (Associate Costume Designer), Swedian Lie (Associate Set Designer)
WITH Robin Covington (Production Manager), Jennifer Knight (Assistant Director), Kellie Knight (Stage Manager), Jeanie McAlpine (Master Electrician) Christian Sullivan (Technical Director), Ashley Bailey (Scenic Painter), Mark Palumbo and Ellison Roberts (Assistant Stage Managers)
ORIGINAL MUSIC by Aaron Bliden and Mark Halpern

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell Frederick

Performing at the Atlas Performing Arts Center  (1333 H Street NE)
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GLASSHEART / January 2014 / PHOTO: C. Stanley Photography