By Archibald Macleish
Directed by Randy Baker
September 15 – October 7, 2001

“Rorschach’s fiesty young troupe has a knack for transforming untraditional spaces into great performance stages. As you take your seat, you kick crumpled newspapers and office memos, soda cans and other detritus – a dsquieting allusion to the current state of lower Manhattan. You can almost smell the stench.”
– Washington City Paper

Archibald McLeish’s J.B., a modern verse retelling of the Biblical book of Job, pits God and the Devil against one another for the ultimate prize, the faith of a good man.

PRODUCED BY Randy Baker and Jenny McConnell

FEATURING Jessi Burgess, Patrick Bussink, Kimberley Cooper, Tim Getman, Richard Kirkwood, Richard Price, Tracy Lynn Olivera, Yasmin Tuazon, Grady Weatherford
DESIGNED BY Beth Baldwin (set), Rebecca Breed (costumes), Michelle DeCesare (sound), Adam Magazine (Lights), Jesse Terrill (composer)
STAGE MANAGED BY Melissa Schwartz

Performed in the  Millenium Arts Center