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“Rorschach Theatre is making a vigorous case for Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer-winning 1942 play in a visually astute, sneakily immediate production at Georgetown University. It’s as if director Rahaleh Nassri and her cast see no difficulties, only opportunities as the ramshackle story grapples with the never-ending plight of mankind. They’ve blown the dust off this one. As Nassri’s gang renders it, Wilder’s drama feels like the granddaddy of the edgy material.”
— Washington Post (CLICK HERE for the full article)

McCormick portrays the father figure with a self-assurance and swagger. Whether he’s right, wrong, just, unfair, sporting Spitzer-like arrogance, or humble-pie humility, McCormick carries it all and is exciting to watch.
Wyckham Avery as his Edith Bunker-like wife seems to acquiesce, twisting and turning to his every whim, but shows glimmers of reinforced steely strength when you least expect it-one can only pity the fool who dares to mess with her family. Cesar A. Guadamuz plays Henry, whose original and official name is apparently Cain, replete with plenty of underlying hints about his tendency to throw rocks at people in uncontrolled rage, so you know where this is going.

Simone Zvi plays the dutiful though precocious daughter Gladys, and Jjana Valentiner rounds out the cast in the pivotal role of Sabina, with a bright-eyed appeal.
— DC Theatre Scene (CLICK HERE for the full article)

The cast is largely first-rate, anchored by a commanding performance from Scott McCormick as Mr. Antrobus, the patriarch of our starring family, and enhanced by the appealing Cesar A. Guadamuz, who gets the first act’s over-the-top tone just right and adjusts with subtlety when his character is awarded more dimensions as the show goes on.
— DCIST (CLICK HERE for the full article)

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